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Don’t just take it from me. Here’s feedback I’ve received on my work…

“Meghan and I have worked together on several French to English international development translations, and I’ve been very impressed with the quality of her work, both in terms of accuracy and style. It’s rare to work with translators whose translations are both precise and a pleasure to read, and Meghan combines those two qualities consistently. I would not hesitate to work with Meghan again or to recommend her to my clients.”

- Corinne McKay, Certified French to English translator and interpreter

"I highly appreciate Meghan’s work in the translation of my academic documents. She answers quickly, meets the deadline, and it always there to assist you! Thank you so much for allowing me to pursue my dream of going to college in the United States of America!”

- Valentin, individual client

“Meghan communicated very effectively throughout the process. I would love to work with Meghan on future translation projects.”

- Cristele, owner of Le Château De Pierre

“Meghan is very professional as well as approachable. It’s a real pleasure to work with Meghan. She is an expert in her field and attentive to her clients’ needs.”

- Cynthia Laborde, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of French, The University of Texas at Arlington

“The feedback on your translation was absolutely glowing! Thank you for your hard work.“

- Lauren, translation project manager

“I had the pleasure of working with Meghan in my capacity as a project manager. Meghan was one of my most reliable and trusted linguists. She always provided top quality work within the designated deadline, or early! Meghan’s skill and professionalism made her an integral member of the translation team for a high-priority client. I would highly recommend her for any French to English work!”

- Casey, translation project manager

“Thanks to Meghan, this large project ran flawlessly and we were able to deliver a day ahead of schedule.”

- Michele, translation project manager

Meghan Konkol translator writer

“Meghan is one of the most responsive and responsible vendors I have had the opportunity to work with. She asks good questions and delivers a top-notch product on time, if not early! I would highly recommend working with Meghan since she is a true professional and the love for her craft shows in the excellence of her work.”

- Rachel, translation project manager

What’s it like to work with me?

“The workshop was extremely well-organized; the content was valuable, relevant and current; the format of interactive learning and hands-on practice was effective; and Meghan was consistently dynamic and attentive, and provided extremely thorough feedback.”

- Anne, participant in translation workshop in the University of Wisconsin–Madison Professional French Master’s Program

“Meghan is a trusted colleague and mentor who helped me succeed when I made the transition to full-time freelance translator.”

- Kelley, Spanish to English translator

Meghan McCallum_headshot.jpg

“Meghan McCallum understands translation from several angles. For five years, she has given an introductory workshop on translation techniques to students in the University of Wisconsin-Madison Professional French Master’s Program, who roundly praise her training style. One student described Meghan’s approach to translation as “linear” and “logical,” noting that her work was exemplary of best practices “that I will adopt in my future work.” She is also a great listener, focused on the needs of the person she is interacting with. “She is very encouraging,” wrote another student. In many ways, these examples of student praise for Meghan describe what I appreciate about her working style, and her overall professionalism: her French is excellent, her attention to detail is striking, and yet her easy-going communication style make her a joy to work with.”

- Ritt Deitz, Ph.D., Director, Professional French Master’s Program, University of Wisconsin–Madison

“Meghan has generously shared her time and expertise with our students, presenting seminars on translation project management, quality control, and the realities of work as a freelance translator. These seminars reflect her ongoing interest in translator training and professional outreach, and have received consistently positive evaluations from students.”

- Will Noonan, Ph.D., senior lecturer in translation studies at Université de Bourgogne, France

“As quality manager, Meghan was key in making sure that projects sent over by my client—one with very high standards, strict preferences, and high volume—were met with focused, detail-oriented attention in an efficient manner.”

- Rachel, translation project manager colleague

“Meghan ensured the quality of the end product through the creation of style guides and glossaries and by providing high-end reviews.”

- Alaina, translation project manager colleague

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